4H Virtual Box

Download here… Should take about 15-20 minutes to download This file contains a “virtual machine”, which has all the startup files we need for our computer club. To use this file: Install VirtualBox ( https://www.virtualbox.org/ ) on your computer Select File -> Import Appliance Select the .ova file that you downloaded

4h Project

We will use this pong game for as our educational project. The source code is attached. Adapted from the example here http://programarcadegames.com/python_examples/show_file.php?file=pong.py by removing the joystick requirement. https://github.com/mibrahim/4HPython/blob/master/pong.py Two players use keys z,x and m,n .

Continuously build / preview a latex document

You can easily build and preview latex documents using both emacs and evince. Evince will reload pdf documents once changed. I use inotify to trigger the build shell script once any .tex file is changed. The scripts below are generic enough to be used for any build: The first script is build.sh #!/bin/bash pdfcmd=”pdflatex -file-line-error […]

Python books for the 4H computer group

Python books. The authors of those books are sharing their work openly, which is good and make them awesome people for sharing their work. You can download both books and place them on your CHIP’s desktop. They can be there for you to read while you’re coding. We can do that together next time we meet. 1. […]

Just upgraded to trusty tahr

Last time I tested trusty tahr XFCE was not behaving correct. They released it a day ago, and I upgraded few of my machines at home. Everything worked great. As far as desktop, for me there weren’t that much changes. XFCE still works. The set back I noticed was not due to ubuntu but due […]

Trusty Tahr, won’t be a big update for me at least

Just tried installing the beta of ubuntu trusty tahr, and being an xfce user I really didn’t notice much updates over there other than just being an LTS. I had to pin apt packages back to saucy to downgrade since the xfce indicator applet was crashing non stop. Will definitely upgrade towards the end of the […]

Eclipse kepler

I downloaded eclipse kepler today and tested it on my laptop. Improved things: Memory usage is much less, and the IDE is more responsive. Juno was already good, but kepler uses even less memory. Highlighting the token under the cursor used to hang in Juno. Now it works without hanging in kepler. Javascript editor is […]

More on raring, gdm lxdm wdm srim, which one works

lxdm doesn’t work with mate. Once you select mate and try to login nothing happens. When I switch to a text console and do ps -ef | grep session it seems that there is no session running. wdm logs in fine, but sound does not work and the network applet appears as if there’s not […]

Ubuntu raring 13.04 maven error broken package

It seems that ubuntu raring 13.04 was released with a packaging problem in maven. I upgraded my home computer desktop quantal 12.10 to 13.04 raring and other some regular issues, which I usually solve by apt-get -f install, I got an error while installing maven. It seems that maven depends on both libwagon-java and libwagon2-java […]

Eclipse vertical scope lines

I found a plugin called indent guide that produces a left scope indentation guides similar to intellij. I tested it and it works perfect with Juno. You can install the plugin through Help -> Install Software, then add http://atlanto.github.com/IndentGuide/update to work with. That’s how my eclipse editor looks now:   ** Update: Lots of people come here searching […]