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Netbeans dark look and feel on ubuntu

IntelliJ provides the dracula look and feel out of the box. The colors and contrast are excellent when it comes to writing code. Unfortunately, the JEE part is only in the paid version. I’ve been trying to get netbeans as close as possible in terms of look and feel to a dark high contrast look and feel. Continue reading ‘Netbeans dark look and feel on ubuntu’ »

Netbeans running from an SSD – still starting up slow

I bought this ssd on black friday from Microcenter. Of course the first thing I did was switch my linux boot to it and test how fast will linux boot. Linux boots in 10 second, which is awesome. The hard drive is very fast, which is very good. Continue reading ‘Netbeans running from an SSD – still starting up slow’ »

More on web development using intelliJ and netbeans

I’ve been testing intelliJ for webdevelopment and I was mainly focused on servlets. When the time came to write some jsp/jsf pages I kept going around however, I found out at the end that it is not supported in the community version.

So, even though I liked intelliJ more than netbeans yet it seems that I have no choice except to edit my websites using netbeans. Continue reading ‘More on web development using intelliJ and netbeans’ »

Executing hbase shell remotely

That’s an interesting question that I faced. I have a cluster somewhere on a LAN behind a machine that I can ssh to, and I need to run hbase shell from my local machine on it, or I have an hbase client that I want to connect to that cluster.

In order for hbase to successfully communicate it needs to have access to two ports. The first is the master port, which defaults to 60000 and the second is the zookeeper port and that’s 2181. Using basic linux techniques, we can use ssh to map those ports to local ports like this:

ssh -L 60000:hbasemaster:60000 -L 60020:hbasemaster:60020 -L 2181:hbasemaster:2181

The assumption here is that the hbasemaster machine is accessible from the .  Now what will happen is that your local hbase shell will contact the local zookeeper on port 60000 and ask for the configuration. This port is mapped to the foreign zookeeper, which will tell it to go to hbasemaster to connect. So your machine will attempt to resolve the ip of hbasemaster. Now the next step is to edit your /etc/hosts and add a line for hbasemaster’s ip address as .

Try to connect with hbase shell and run the list command, and it should work.