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More on raring, gdm lxdm wdm srim, which one works

lxdm doesn’t work with mate. Once you select mate and try to login nothing happens. When I switch to a text console and do ps -ef | grep session it seems that there is no session running. wdm logs in fine, but sound does not work and the network applet appears as if there’s not network, but actually network is working.

gdm works fine and the other services work as well. I didn’t test lightdm but I don’t like it because I feel it is slow.

Ubuntu raring 13.04 maven error broken package

It seems that ubuntu raring 13.04 was released with a packaging problem in maven. I upgraded my home computer desktop quantal 12.10 to 13.04 raring and other some regular issues, which I usually solve by apt-get -f install, I got an error while installing maven. It seems that maven depends on both libwagon-java and libwagon2-java and both contain the same jar file. dpkg then will issue an error and stop.

By doing some search I found a page on launchpage with the error report:

I forced the installation of libwagon2 using dpkg -i –force-all /var…. and it worked. However, I know that now when one of those two packages gets removed the jar will be removed as well, and then I will need to purge then package then re-install it.