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Continuously build / preview a latex document

You can easily build and preview latex documents using both emacs and evince. Evince will reload pdf documents once changed. I use inotify to trigger the build shell script once any .tex file is changed. The scripts below are generic enough to be used for any build:

The first script is


pdfcmd="pdflatex -file-line-error -interaction batchmode"

for i in `ls *.tex`; do
    echo Building $i
    echo '***************************'
    ${pdfcmd} $i
    basename=`basename $i tex`
    echo Basename is ${basename}
    bibtex ${basename}aux
    ${pdfcmd} $i
    ${pdfcmd} $i

    cat ${basename}log | grep 'l\.'

The second script checks for any modified .tex file, then re-invokes

while inotifywait -e close_write *.tex;

Have fun.

Just upgraded to trusty tahr

Last time I tested trusty tahr XFCE was not behaving correct. They released it a day ago, and I upgraded few of my machines at home. Everything worked great. As far as desktop, for me there weren’t that much changes. XFCE still works.

The set back I noticed was not due to ubuntu but due to the incompatibility of the bitcoin client. The bitcoin-qt program depends on libdb4.8 and boost 3.1, which are not part of ubuntu anymore (and most likely debian). So it seems that the ubuntu maintainers removed it from the distribution for that purpose. People on the forum were reasoning that the PPA maintainer doesn’t have time and he’s only one guy. I don’t think the guy can do anything if the dependencies are not there, I also don’t think that ubuntu distribution will accept a statically linked version of bitcoin-qt.

May be bitcoin should move the standard wallet to another format, which is not dependent on a certain libdb version. May be an XML format with the wallet encoded as hex strings.

Your work around: Download the statically linked version from the website.

Trusty Tahr, won’t be a big update for me at least

Just tried installing the beta of ubuntu trusty tahr, and being an xfce user I really didn’t notice much updates over there other than just being an LTS. I had to pin apt packages back to saucy to downgrade since the xfce indicator applet was crashing non stop.

Will definitely upgrade towards the end of the month once it stabilizes a bit more.

More on raring, gdm lxdm wdm srim, which one works

lxdm doesn’t work with mate. Once you select mate and try to login nothing happens. When I switch to a text console and do ps -ef | grep session it seems that there is no session running. wdm logs in fine, but sound does not work and the network applet appears as if there’s not network, but actually network is working.

gdm works fine and the other services work as well. I didn’t test lightdm but I don’t like it because I feel it is slow.

Ubuntu raring 13.04 maven error broken package

It seems that ubuntu raring 13.04 was released with a packaging problem in maven. I upgraded my home computer desktop quantal 12.10 to 13.04 raring and other some regular issues, which I usually solve by apt-get -f install, I got an error while installing maven. It seems that maven depends on both libwagon-java and libwagon2-java and both contain the same jar file. dpkg then will issue an error and stop.

By doing some search I found a page on launchpage with the error report:

I forced the installation of libwagon2 using dpkg -i –force-all /var…. and it worked. However, I know that now when one of those two packages gets removed the jar will be removed as well, and then I will need to purge then package then re-install it.

Finally a driver that does not crash for 82845G/GL

Finally found a solution for a dinosaur machine Dell GX260 graphics driver issues. My lspci shows this:

VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 01) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])

As a plus, I found that compiz works. Hopefully wayland will work as well once released.

Where to get it from? install the drivers from this PPA: . I’m running ubuntu 12.10 so that’s what my tests are based on.