Python books for the 4H computer group

Python books. The authors of those books are sharing their work openly, which is good and make them awesome people for sharing their work. You can download both books and place them on your CHIP’s desktop. They can be there for you to read while you’re coding. We can do that together next time we meet.

1. Think Python by Allen Downey. Green Tea press & Allen Downey made their book available publicly for free, which is awesome (Thanks Allen & Green Tea press). We will be using their book while learning python in our 4H group. PDF link is here:

Think Python 2e

2. Making games with Python and Pygame. Al Sweigart the author of the book made is sharing his book openly under Creative Commons license (Thanks Al – you’re awesome). We will use his book once we gain enough Python knowledge. PDF link is here:

Book page:

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