RIP compiz !!

When I installed ubuntu 12.10 as usual I installed compiz and started configuring my effects. I like the burning windows effect on close, however it was not there and others were asking about it as well. I went to compiz blog and read that essentially the compiz team is now down to a single maintainer. I also did not find emerald. I downloaded the code and compiled emerald and installed it. However, I couldn’t get burning windows to work.It was very obvious to me that handling the code was not simple and being down to one maintainer who described what it takes to maintain compiz on his blog, and which was not easy on the average coders job and there aren’t any who are willing to put the required brain cycles to maintain the current code.

I think some where on phoronix I found a link to his article essentially limiting the work to maintaining existing code (I would add if possible as sometimes it is not). I was one of the people who enjoyed using compiz for a long while ( esp. burning windows 🙂 ) so thanks for your work. Even though I disagree on the fragmentation issue yet I know very well that either the code will be reused in another project or someone will learn from it how did you (and others that initially wrote it) solve some of the issues over there.

So I think I have to move on as well and test Wayland. It’s not in ubuntu, but seems to be at least in debian testing.

Here’s a youtube view on 9.04:

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