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More on web development using intelliJ and netbeans

I’ve been testing intelliJ for webdevelopment and I was mainly focused on servlets. When the time came to write some jsp/jsf pages I kept going around however, I found out at the end that it is not supported in the community version.

So, even though I liked intelliJ more than netbeans yet it seems that I have no choice except to edit my websites using netbeans. Continue reading ‘More on web development using intelliJ and netbeans’ »

Tetsing IntelliJ in writing java websites

Java is a very powerful language esp when used in web programming. It is very fast with a huge resource of code and libraries. The usual pain in the neck in writing a web application is deploying and packaging the application. The process takes time and until the programmer runs the application to figure his mistake he or she will have to wait half a minute or so.

I found that a faster alternative is to use in-place deployment, where the compiled code exists beside the source and most web servers can use that easily. Moreover, some web-servers like resin and I believe recent versions of tomcat can compile the code themselves, which is a great idea and sometimes saves a lot of effort. However, I like to compile my code from the editor so I can see my errors and fix them. Continue reading ‘Tetsing IntelliJ in writing java websites’ »